Purgex – The solution for injection and extrusion machines

19 Sep 2016

Purgex is a purging system that offers significant advantages to operators of plastic injection and extrusion machines. Purgex is produced by Neutrex, in the United States, and marketed locally by Salmon. In Portugal, the quality of Purgex has been recognized by many in the injection industry, making it the preferred purging system of the sector.

Purgex offers a competitive advantage to any process where polymers are transformed, as it allows for substantial savings in time when changing color or material. The use of Purgex  leads to considerable savings in the use of raw material and energy costs, and therefore increases the machine’s capacity to be used for its main purpose: producing finished product with a low rejection rate. Purgex is made up of substances that are activated with high temperatures, absorbing pigments and “softening” all residue that is stuck to the metal surfaces of the machine. This chemical reaction, together with abrasive materials, allows for excellent results in cleaning the machine.

Of all the purging compounds available in the market, Purgex offers the best balance between chemical and mechanical activity during the purging process. However, to achieve optimal results, the following steps must be correctly followed:

  1. Ensure that the machine is loaded with Purgex;
  2. Once fully loaded, allow for it to “rest” for five minutes with the machine at processing temperature, so as to ensure the chemical reaction;
  3. Finally, remove Purgex from the machine, setting it to full capacity.


This description can best be exemplified with images, so please click on the following link to visualize Purgex in action: