14 Sep 2018

The D’Arta group is one of Europe’s largest producers of frozen vegetables, with a 30% market share. It has sales offices in Holland, Germany, Italy and the UK, and production units in Belgium and Portugal, as well as a newly-opened unit in the UK.

The Portugal plant, called Dartico, is in the town of Avis, district of Portalegre. This was D’Arta’s second plant, and the site was chosen for the production of broccoli, bell peppers, courgettes, tomatoes and strawberries.

Most of the production in Avis is destined to export markets, but there are some exceptions. The frozen broccoli, for example, are sold to the Jerónimo Martins group, which in turn sells them under its own brand in its chain of supermarkets (Pingo Doce).

Working in close collaboration with Dartico in all steps of the process, Salmon is responsible for the treatment of all of the plant’s process water.

To process frozen vegetables, from blanching and freezing the vegetables to the strict working temperature of the plant, the process water’s quality is key to the functioning of the relevant equipment. For a company like Dartico, with a strong public image and fully compliant with BRC and IFS certification, standards are very high and Salmon is active in helping maintain them.

Salmon and Dartico designed and implemented a fully automatic system for controlling and monitoring the cooling towers, with effective and efficient dosage of state-of-the-art biocides, anti-corrosive agents and descalers. We therefore manage to maintain the water-process equipment and water quality at optimal levels so that they can carry out their function: to ensure that Dartico’s food products are produced to the highest level of quality.