Salmon has, throughout its history, formed various joint-ventures and partnerships, with the specific aim of providing the market with value-added solutions. Currently, we have two joint-ventures and a strategic partnership. We are proud to have always served the market well with our joint-ventures and partnerships, and consider them an integral part of the value Salmon adds to our industry.

OMYA Mineral Portuguesa (OMP)

OMYA Mineral Portuguesa (OMP) is a joint-venture between Salmon and OMYA AG, world leader in calcium carbonate production. The plant is in Perulheira, strategically located between Porto and Lisbon, and it has been in operation since 1983. With an annual capacity of 100,000 tons, OMP produces various grades of calcium carbonate: from calcite or marble, treated and not treated, from granulated to very fine grain sizes. The plant is oriented towards the production of technical grades, supplying predominantly the plastic and coatings sectors, but it also serves the agro-industrial, glue and adhesive, ceramics and other industries. It has a modern laboratory and strict quality control policy, assuring consistent high quality in its products.





ASK Portugal is a joint-venture between Salmon and ASK Chemical, and supplies materials and services for foundries. ASK Portugal was created in 2010, having replaced Ashland Química Portuguesa, which was founded in 1985 to service the foundries industry as well as industrial water treatment services. ASK Chemicals took over Ashland’s foundries business (Salmon has taken over the water treatment sector). We supply ASK’s resins and other molding products to foundries, and have dedicated staff and logistics operations to ensure that the ASK brand remain a market leader in the sector.


Manuchar is a trader based in Antwerp, Belgium. With presence in 140 locations in 5 continents, including 50 affiliates, and with a team of over 1800 people, Manuchar is a rapidly growing trader of global relevance. Their product portfolio includes products for industries as diverse as Chemicals, Steel, Polymers, Pharmaceuticals, Food, and many others. Salmon started collaborating with Manuchar in the Portuguese market in 2016 in the polymer business, expanding our ability to provide more solutions to the market.