Potato Flakes – convenience served with excellence

19 Sep 2016

Potato flakes are increasingly a convenience product in the food industry, particularly in the production of precooked meals, snacks and aperitifs. In this sector, Mydibel is clearly a product leader.

Salmon has represented and distributed Mydibel’s products since the early 1990s. With this partnership, Salmon has pioneered the development of new production techniques, particularly in the manufacture of the traditional and very Portuguese  “cod fish cakes.” This innovation allowed greater levels of production, better traceability of raw materials and reduced risk of contamination.

For the best product, the best raw material:

  • Mydibel uses mostly the Bintje potato variety, best suited for the production of potato flakes, as it has very rich and characteristic color, texture and flavor.
  • The process of manufacturing potato flakes testifies to Mydibel’s care in preserving the potato’s  special features. The potatoes are washed and graded, and then peeled by steam. They are then cooled and cut. After cooling, the small potato pieces (mainly be used in the production of potato flakes) are processed in a homogeneous mixture. This mixture is compressed by a steam roller, drying themashed potatoes and compressing them into a thin film. This film is subsequently processed into potato flakes.
  • Product quality and safety are strictly and continuously monitored, both during production and packaging.
  • Only a high quality product can assure the best results for our customers.

For technical support, development of new products or alternatives to existing products, feel free to contact Salmon.