The sale of raw materials for industry is the outcome of a support structure Salmon makes available to all its partners, national and international, including our joint-ventures. This structure is based on the following services:


Salmon carries out all financial and administrative functions for its joint-ventures, OMYA Mineral Portuguesa (OMP) and ASK Portugal. Our experienced team integrates these services on our SAP platform, which not only allows us to manage the administrative and financial needs of Salmon and our two joint-ventures, but also gives us the capacity to extend this service to other partners.


Our Porto warehouse has 6,000 m² storage capacity, three loading docks for trucks and containers and two alternative loading areas. Divided into five distinct areas and with modern support systems, we can store very diverse materials, from restricted chemicals and minerals to pharmaceutical and food products. The warehouse serves Salmon and our joint-venture ASK Portugal. Our national and international transport networks are based on strong partnerships with companies that offer us guaranteed efficiency and trust. We are therefore able to serve all logistics needs of our clients, suppliers, joint-ventures and other partners.


Salmon is not limited to supplying a product; we provide a service. Our commercial activities are based on technical know-how that enables our partners to find solutions to their various challenges. Our commercial team has decades of experience and sound theoretical knowledge of their various areas of intervention. We are additionally supported by specialists from our external partners. Salmon is therefore positioned to add value to all its technical solutions.