Activated Carbon

Presented in three different formats – powder, granulated and extruded, this product is available for different kind of applications. From drinking water treatment and flue gases, to certified use in the food industry, we offer a wide range of options for this area.


Perlite is a volcanic rock rich in silica. To develop its filtration potential, it is heat-activated and expanded, decreasing density and increasing porosity. This process makes perlite an excellent filter aid for cloudy liquids, such as pressed grapes and pre-filtered wine. Comparing with diatomaceous earths, the higher porosity allows longer filtration cycles.


The size of the cellulose fibers makes this product suitable for carrying out the task of supporting the diatom-based media.

Bleaching Earths

Bleaching earths are made from bentonite. A naturally absorbent mineral, it is used to purify fats, oils and biodiesel. It is particularly used in the food industry to remove color, odor and impurities. It is mostly used in olive oil and other edible oils, from both animal and vegetable origin.

Diatomaceous Earths

Diatomaceous earths are a sedimentary rock with high silicon content, resulting from the accumulation of microscopic algae fossils. The filtration process with diatomaceous earths clarifies liquids by retaining the suspended particles. From beverage and cooking oil filtration to brake pads, this filtration aid has a wide range of applications.

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