Quality Policy

SALMON‘s mission is to identify and satisfy the needs of the industry in general, through the supply of raw materials, equipment and associated services.

SALMON adopts Quality as a management philosophy capable of developing the ability to understand and identify the needs of its Customers with a view to the pursuit of Excellence in its business.

SALMON bases its Quality Policy on the following principles:

    • Customer Satisfaction: provide products and services that meet the Customer’s needs and expectations, complying with agreed requirements, as well as applicable statutory, regulatory and regulatory requirements;
    • Supplier Satisfaction: create trusting and lasting relationships that favor the development of business opportunities that are of interest to both parties;
    • Employee Satisfaction: To promote the evolution of their skills, taking into account their professional development and adaptation to the company’s objectives and a work environment compatible with the requirements of their respective professional performances;
    • Shareholder Satisfaction: Obtain positive results that respond to the return on investments and support the decision-making required to ensure the company’s continuity in the markets where it operates;
    • Community Satisfaction and Environment: Quality in social responsibilities.
    • Continuous Improvement: Consider the continuous improvement of the quality management system as a key element for the company’s progress

SALMON’s Management assumes responsibility for the adoption of the Quality Policy defined above and establishes as a priority for all employees the pursuit of the stated principles.