Polymers E


(Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, Styrene) Versatile, and with a wide range of use for decorative parts due to the gloss and smooth applied surface. Available for general use, extrusion, chrome, high impact and flame resistant.


(POM, Polyoxymethylene) With low moisture absorption and low rubbing coefficient, it has excellent dimensional stability. Suitable for food contact. Available in copolymer grade, with different fluidity index on natural tone.


(PMMA, Polymethyl methacrylate) Plastic with a high transparency degree. Available in different flow rate grades for general use.


(Acrylic, Styrene, Acrylonitrile) Resistant to all types of external agents, especially UV radiation. Available in general purpose grade.

Nylon or Polyamides

(PA) Highly impact resistant and with a high degree of electrical isolation. Available in polyamide 6 and 6.6, first choice and industrial grade, with and without fiberglass, in natural and black color.


(Polybutylene Terephthalate) Indicated as electrical isolation and with special resistance to high temperatures. Available with and without fiberglass, in natural and black color.


(Polycarbonate) Transparent and with a high degree of impact resistance. Suitable for food contact on different grades and anti-UV additive grades.


(Polycarbonate/ Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, Styrene) Excellent impact and temperature resistance, with good mechanical stability and aesthetic finish. Available for general use and flame resistant use.


(Polyethylene) We provide LLDPE (linear) for film, LDPE (low) for injection, MDPE (medium) for rotomolding, tube and film and HDPE (high) for blowing, film, tube, monofilament and injection.


(Polypropylene) General plastic use and universal application. Easily composed by fiberglass, talc, flame retardant addition. Available in copolymer, homopolymer and random.


(Polystyrene) Suitable for food contact, with low impact resistance and sensibility to UV radiation, is the most widely used plastic.


(Styrene, Acrylonitrile) Transparent plastic, suitable for food contact. Excellent alternative to PC. Available in blue or yellow tone.


SEBS (TPS) styrene-based thermoplastic elastomer in which the hardness and adhesion properties are suited to customers needs. Available from super soft hardness (30 Shore 00) up to 70 ShD with various applications in the automotive, consumer, industrial and medical fields.


Thermoplastic elastomer based on polyurethane in natural tone, available in various hardnesses from 65 ShA to 72 ShD with aromatic or aliphatic base, and polyester or polyether type. Different applications for consumption and footwear.

Rubber E


Styrene rubber extended to oil or dry. For the production of compounds for the footwear industry.

Natural Recycled Rubber

Generated by clean and uncontaminated natural rubber waste reprocessing. Available in Premium Grades and High Grade.

Additives E

Blowing agent

Azodicarbonamide and derivatives.

Calcium Carbonate

It is distinguished by the high resistance and dimensional stability in plastics composition. Offering a wide granulometry and whiteness range, as well as treated (coated) and untreated grades.

Masterbatch Calcium Carbonate

CaCO3 concentrate (85%), with easy applicability for both extrusion and injection. Can be used too as cleaning material. Available in bags, pallets or big bags.

Polyethylene Waxes

Mainly used in the production of masterbatches and PVC lubrication.

Titanium Dioxide

Powdered titanium dioxide, white pigment universally used for the production of color concentrates and in the coloring of PVC.

Glass Beads

Manufactured from recycled glass, solid spheres with a real density of 2.45 are available in different sizes.

PVC Stabilizers

One-Pack Base Systems Ca / Zn for Hard and Plasticized PVC. From blins to power cable, “Taylor-Made” systems are available according to our customers requirements.

Filters and UV Stabilizers

Maintain product properties against UV radiation degradation. Available in two categories: UV Absorbers; UV Stabilizers.

Functional Masterbatches

Present as main functions: flame retardants, anti-UV and impact modifiers.

Masterbatches for Coloring Polymers

Available in white and black color.

Impact Modifiers

Chlorinated polyethylene, CPE 135A for addition to rigid PVC pipe formulations.

Carbon Black

Carbon black in powder, black pigment used for the production of color concentrates for plastics (including dark colors) and also in rubber coloring.


With a coloring plastics primary function, and available on the following type: inorganic, organic and iron oxides.

Cleaning Products

For chambers, spindles and injection/extrusion spindles machinery cleaning, as well as hot runner systems. Available for plastic general use and engineering.

Flame Retardants

In order to prevent polymers combustion when exposed to high temperatures or electric currents, the following flame retardant additives are available: Magnesium Hydroxide (MgOH).


Inorganic constitution mineral, chemically inert and of low hardness, that offers dimensional stability to the polymer Available in different grades.

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