Presence in various industrial sectors…

…with a wide product portfolio

Specialized team…

...with key technical skills

Own warehouse

Partner network with full territorial coverage

Constant innovation

Focused on the Portuguese market

Presence in various industrial sectors

Salmon is present in over 15 industrial sectors, allowing us to respond to a wide range of industrial needs in Portugal.

Diverse product portfolio

We have a wide range of products, with over 2,000 references, with a focus on the following sectors:

  • Coatings and Construction: + 600
  • Plastics: + 600
  • Food: + 350

Specialized team

All the members of our team have strong skill sets and experience in their respective areas, whether in be commercial, logistics, financial, administrative or quality control.

Focused technical competence

Each department serves unique and dedicated objectives, yet integrated in a client-oriented organization.

Our warehouse

We have our own logistical platform with mora than 6.000 m2 capacity, able to store any kind of material. We have a dedicated warehouse for the food sector, with strict adherence to HACCP and Food Defense rules.

Partner network for complete national coverage

Our transport partners can reach every corner of Portugal, allowing us to swiftly meet client needs.

Permanent innovation

We consider innovation as a means to our service. Our priority is to identify and supply new products that give our customers added value, but we also innovate to improve our service. This can result in a variety of developments, from improved IT solutions to modernizing our warehousing.

Focus on Portuguese market

We are a Portuguese company, with Portuguese capital, and own main focus is on supporting Portuguese companies.