ASCOTEC – Range of anti-corrosion additives
14 March 2023

Ascotec is a French company, based in Saint-Etienne, that has spent 20 years dedicated to the production and development of anti-corrosion additives.

Through the liquid ASCOTRAN® and ASCONIUM® product ranges, they are able to respond to the vast majority of corrosion-related challenges in many applications, such as paints & coatings, metallurgy and cleaning products.

The main manufacturers of paints & coatings recognize that ASCOTEC® offers a complete portfolio of anti-corrosion additives that meet the various needs of the market, namely:

  • • ASCONIUM®, which guarantees anticorrosive performance in metallic paints;
  • • ASCOTRAN®, a flash-rust inhibitor, which guarantees the protection of metallic substrates during the application of water-based paints, as well as packaging protection.

ASCOTEC® can also deal with corrosion problems in various metallic equipment processes such as: lubrication, pickling, degreasing, cleaning, control and storage. There are ASCOTRAN® corrosion inhibitors developed specifically for heat transfer fluids in all their potential applications (automotive, industry, equipment cooling systems, geothermal, etc.).