Globalcor integral incorporation
1 June 2018

Salmon announces that, as of today the 1st of June 2018, we have completed the merger (by incorporation) of Globalcor into our operations. Globalcor, as of today, is fully integrated into Salmon and no longer exists.

The integration process started in October 2017, when Salmon bought Globalcor, and since then our commercial strategy has been to make all stakeholders aware of the transition process and of our increased relevance in the market.

This strategy was successful in assuring all partners that we would seamlessly take on Globalcor’s market presence, effectively merging it into Salmon’s historic position in the coatings industry. Internally, our team worked tirelessly to incorporate Globalcor’s administrative, logistic, financial and commercial processes. Whereas the original plan was to complete the merger by the 31st of December 2018, thanks to everyone’s contribution, we managed to bring forward this event by 6 months.

We would therefore like to thank all stakeholders involved in this integration process, from our Globalcor and Salmon colleagues to our clients, suppliers and service providers. Your support was a cornerstone of this successful merger.