GRAMYBEL – A lasting and successful partnership
1 June 2023

Salmon has enjoyed a commercial relationship of more than 15 years with one of the largest European potato processors – the Belgian group Mydibel (through its company Gramybel), and this allows us to bring to national food processing industry and our customers various solutions with flakes and potato granules, namely:

  • Regular yellow potato flakes (with added turmeric 300 and 600 ppm);
  • “Clean Label” potato flakes, without additives such as E450I, E330, E304 and E223 (Sodium Bisulfite), allowing for a cleaner list of ingredients and no allergens in the final products.

They can have different applications, such as:

  • Pre-cooked dishes;
  • Savory snacks (mainly codfish pastries);
  • Texturizer in pâtés.

The Hospitality Industry and Large Distribution (Retail and Cash & Carry) mainly absorb the following references provided by Salmon:

  • Potato granules, suitable for mashed potatoes and soups;
  • Potato flakes with added milk, a complete recipe for making mashed potatoes

The Mydibel / Gramybel group is certified according to IFS and BRC standards, as well as Kosher and Halal. Their raw materials are of European origin only, aiming at high quality products and food safety.