H2O – How Salmon can help treat this essential resource
5 April 2024

Water is an indispensable resource, and it sustains life on our planet. In a world where water is becoming increasingly scarce, its preservation and treatment are crucial for future generations.

In industry, where intensive use of water is a reality, optimizing treatment systems is fundamental in its various aspects: operational efficiency, environmental sustainability and cost reduction.

At Salmon, we understand the relevance of this element of nature. We specialize in the application of chemical products for wastewater treatment, boilers, cooling towers, sterilizers, reverse osmosis, among others.

Likewise, we know that the best chemical alone does not identify solutions. That’s why we provide specialized technical support, analytical and consultancy services, to guarantee our customers optimized water treatment.

We thus minimize problems associated with water, such as:

  • Corrosion,
  • Fouling,
  • Microbiological proliferation (including legionella),
  • Above-limit effluent discharges.

We offer personalized and innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

To carry out this activity, we rely on long-standing partnerships, among which we highlight Solenis, the 3rd largest company in the sector, worldwide.

We are available to optimize your water treatment systems and preserve this vital resource for future generations.