Innovations in the TPE Market – a Presentation by Kraiburg TPE
4 October 2022

On September 20th and 21st 2022, Kraiburg and Salmon partnered up to organize intimate events to present the latest innovations in the TPE market, to which Kraiburg is exclusively dedicated.

The first event took place in Leiria, with the participation of the following stakeholders:

The second event’s venue was Vila Nova de Gaia (near Porto), and was participated by:

The events were led by the Kraiburg team, who have decades of experience in TPEs and are specialists in their respective fields.

Juergen Beham was the first speaker. He gave an overview of Kraiburg and an in-depth explanation of the different types of TPE and their classifications. Juergen also gave a presentation on 2K injection molding, focusing on how to obtain optimal adhesion, mold design and trouble shooting.

Carlos Chicharro gave the second presentation. He gave detailed explanations of Kraiburg’s super soft grades as well as those for food contact, focusing on food containers. Carlos also presented the advantages of using Kraiburg TPE as an alternative to silicon.

After the coffee break, Matthias Michl gave an in-depth presentation on sustainability as a driver for Kraiburg’s product development. He focused on the automotive sector, referring to recycled content and density. Kraiburg has TPE grades that incorporate up to 40% of recycled material, both for interior and exterior applications, without compromising the demanding requirement and regulations of this sector. The low-density grades can reach 0.72 g/dm³ and result in significant weight reduction on floor mats and seals.

Kraibug’s innovations were presented; this is the complete list of products mentioned:

  • Electrical Conductive TPE;
  • Light Effect/ Black Transparent;
  • Easy to Clean;
  • Tape Adhesion;
  • PA Adhesion for Exterior;
  • Super Low Emission;
  • Low Friction;
  • Thermal Conductivity;
  • Super Soft.

The events ended with a buffet lunch, where participants could exchange ideas about the presentations, and brainstorm about future applications.