KMC – Salmon Partnership
4 June 2024

KMC is a Danish company that supplies potato-based materials, focusing on the food industry.

KMC began its history as a cooperative of Danish potato producers and remains so to this day. Its great competitive advantage over some starch producers lies in its control over the entire value chain, from seed production and planting/harvesting of potatoes to processing and placing on the market.

KMC’s production process uses all raw materials, eliminating any type of waste. Potato processing not only results in starches, which can be native or modified and where the company’s focus is, but also proteins and fibers.

For modified starches with higher added value, the strategy is to develop products that can meet the needs of each type of industry. There are varied solutions, whether it is to develop egg-free mayonnaise, vegan cheese or pastry cream.

KMC exports to more than 90 countries and has ambitious plans for the Portuguese market, where it has placed its trust in the Salmon team.

We recently met with KMC’s commercial and product development team to discuss subjects such as the chemistry of starches and their production methods, final products and applications by industrial sector, and also to define the joint commercial strategy to approach the Portuguese market.

Expectations for the Portuguese market are high and Salmon will now present this partnership to clients, responding to their needs and bringing innovation to the food sector.