New ‘Compal da Horta’ with Salmon’s aromatic herbs
15 March 2018

The Portuguese food industry has been growing over the last few years, as companies and other stakeholders modernize and adapt to the changing needs of an increasingly demanding and complex market.

Some traditional business areas have reinvented themselves by introducing innovation and new production technologies to traditional products and values that had started to be lost in a globalized food market.

Salmon noticed this trend and developed its product portfolio to reflect the changing needs of the food industry, and by responding to our clients’ requests for products that would enable new market-responsive projects.

We are therefore very happy to have participated in Compal’s recent development of a new line of tomato concentrate. Salmon supplies Compal with the three aromatic herbs basil, oregano and rosemarythat make ‘Compal da Horta’ a high-quality product.

‘Compal da Horta’ uses the freshest natural ingredients, and can now be found on shelves in all Portuguese supermarkets.

We are grateful to Compal for the opportunity to work on this project with them, allowing us to demonstrate the commitment our specialized team in meeting the needs of the modern food industry!