Salmon acquires Globalcor
22 November 2017

Strengthening of position in Coatings and Adhesives seen as a priority for the company, with an increase of product portfolio and of its commercial team.

Salmon has recently strengthened its position in one of its key business areas, Coatings and Adhesives, with the acquisition of Globalcor, whose distribution activities focused exclusively on raw materials in this sector.

Globalcor has been a key player in the market for almost 20 years, developing in this period a strong presence and excellent reputation, with an innovative product portfolio that includes a wide range of resins, waxes, pigment pastes, pigments, anticorrosive solutions, bactericides/fungicides/algicides/insecticides, aluminum silicates, antifoaming agents and many other additives.

n preparation of this acquisition and as part of a wider plan to strengthen our capacity to respond to market needs, Salmon has been bolstering its team. We have hired new salespeople specialized in Coatings and Adhesives, as well as in Quality & Marketing and in Market Management. With this new team, we are confirming our commitment, not only Coatings and Adhesives, but also to all the other industries we support.

The acquisition of Globalcor is also part of Salmon’s strategy for the coming years. Our sustained growth over the last five years, coupled with our strengthened logistical and administrative services, have allowed us to approach the market in a more targeted and effective manner. Our objective remains the same as it has been for the last 73 years: serving the present and future needs of Portuguese industry.

Miguel Castanha, Commercial Director of Salmon, emphasized the importance of the acquisition of Globalcor for the future of the company: “This purchase is particularly important for us. It allows us to offer a much wider range of solutions in a sector with a long history for Salmon, but in which our product portfolio had been more limited in recent years. The integration of Globalcor will strengthen our position considerably in Coatings and Adhesives; together with our team, know-how and services, the product range we offer will make Salmon a key resource for Portuguese industry.”