Salmon PME Lider
4 July 2018

In 2017, for the second consecutive year, Salmon was awarded the status of PME Líder by IAPMEI (Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation), for the year 2016. PME Líder is attributed to SMEs that are in full compliance with all fiscal, social and legal obligations and have positive financial results in a wide range of criteria.

In 2016, only 7.204 companies were given this award, representing 1,5% of all companies in Portugal. PME Líder is divided in several categories, of which Construction, Commerce and Services is the biggest with 4,000 companies. In 2016, this category had a collective turnover of €17,1 billion. Salmon is among the top 10% of the companies in this category regarding turnover, but with a growth of 24%, our performance was among the strongest: the average growth in this category in 2016 was negative 4%.

Salmon is explicitly dedicated to supplying the domestic market, yet we are also open to export to different markets, and in 2016, 2,4% of our sales were to international clients.