Simple Green – Industrial cleaning products
15 May 2018

Simple Green® has revolutionized the market for industrial cleaning products, becoming an excellent alternative to products that require dangerous solvents and other chemicals, and that are environmental hazards.

Simple Green® is a biodegradable cleaner and degreaser that has multiple uses and isn’t toxic, flammable or abrasive, and is phosphate-free. As it is very concentrated, it also requires less packaging and therefore reducing its carbon footprint.

Salmon is distributing Simple Green® in Portugal, and we can supply the following 4 grades:

Original Simple Green®

For industrial cleaning and degreasing. Its concentrated formula is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-abrasive. It is a highly versatile and effective product, and can be an excellent alternative to conventional solvent-based cleaners.

Simple Green® Limescale Remover

To remove limescale and rust in pipes, industrial equipment and HVAC – heating/ventilation/AC systems. It removes limescale and rust without the need for abrasive cleaners. It is recommended for applications in environments with high water contact, such as spas, kitchens, public pools and water-based industrial processes.

Crystal Simple Green®

To clean and degrease in the food industry, catering, other food-contact applications, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. It has NSF approval to clean areas used for food preparation and surrounding areas. It leaves no residue after applying. Also, it is non-flammable, as it incorporates a vapor suppresser in its formulation.

Extreme Simple Green® Aircraft & Precision Cleaner

This is a water-based cleaner ideally formulated to clean aircraft, engines, cars and components made of metal, plastic, high-tech compounds and other critical equipment. It meets various aviation norms, such as Boeing D6-17487.

It doesn’t foam or oxidize, and it doesn’t degrade thermoplastic materials, helping it protect seals, joints and hoses. Ideally suited to degrease renewable energy systems, such as windmills and solar panels.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information about these products!

João Cravina –