Probiotics: regulators of the intestinal flora
16 December 2022

Probiotics are bacteria that live in our intestines, and a healthy population will ensure a balance on intestinal flora, and ensure normal intestinal functioning when we have diarrhea, are taking antibiotics, are under stress or do not have a balanced diet. In these cases, probiotics reinforce our immune system and help minimize diseases such as allergies, gastritis or intestinal inflammation. They are naturally occurring in some foods, such as yoghurt and cheese, but can also be ingested as supplements.

Salmon, in partnership with Unique Biotech, brings to market a wide range of probiotic cultures that are ready to be used in different food types, such as fruit juices, breakfast mixtures and vegetable milks. We can supply the various probiotic strains in various formats, from isolated strains to customized mixes, depending on aim of the end product. We can also supply our probiotics in chewable tablets, flavored powder (to mix with water) or even in gel sachets (for immediate use).