Salmon 2018 PME Líder status
17 September 2019

In 2018, 8,040 companies were awarded with PME Líder status, a distinction given to SMEs with strong financial performance. These companies represented roughly 15% of Portugal’s GDP.

For the third straight year, Salmon’s performance has enabled us to enter the list of PME Líder companies in Portugal. PME Líder companies regularly outperform the overall market growth, and this year was no exception: at 11.6% growth, we outperformed the national average more than four times over.

Salmon is inserted in the PME Líder subdivision of “Construction, Commerce and Services”. This subdivision added €2 billion to the economy in this period, totaling €19.6 billion, or 10% of GDP, of contribution to the national product. Salmon has contributed to this growth, maintaining its presence in the top 500 of the +4500 companies in the subdivision.

According to Iberinform, our subdivision had an overall improvement regarding financial autonomy, representing a ratio between shareholder equity and net assets, currently averaging 56.3%. In this aspect, Salmon clearly outperforms its peers with financial autonomy reaching 79.35 in the same period.