Salmon on Business Year 2019
30 April 2019

The Business Year (TBY) is an international media group that specializes in economy and markets. Operating in over 35 countries, it is responsible for publishing the magazine called The Business Year.

In 2018, TBY and CIP (Portuguese Business Federation) worked together to publish the first The Business Year edition in Portugal.

It’s an in-depth review of Portugal’s economic performance, with economic and sectorial data supplied largely by CIP. The objective of the publication is to showcase Portugal’s potential as an economic destination. The Portuguese edition, Portugal 2019, includes over 130 interviews of people involved in various sectors, including industry, services, ITC and agriculture.

We are pleased to have our role as a key distributor of raw material recognized in this edition, resulting in the interview of our Commercial Director, Miguel Castanha. He reviews the strong growth of the company and the importance of our strategic partnerships in consolidating our position in the multiple sectors in which we operate.

The Business Year is a high-profile publication, with roughly 160 pages, and it includes interviews of the following public figures:

  • Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa – President of Portugal;
  • António Costa – Prime-Minister;
  • Manuel Heitor – Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Learning;
  • Marta Temido – Minister of Health;
  • João Pedro Matos Fernandes – Minister of Environment and Energy Transition;
  • António Saraiva – President of CIP.

The inclusion of Salmon in The Business Year is for us a testament to our sustained growth and relevance in the market. We are a Portuguese company, aimed at serving our national industry.